Fernando Rezende Morumbi Cup 2003

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This event has Fernando Rezende´s name bacause he won a gold medal in FIQ Youth World. He was an athele of Morumbi Club and died in an accident that cutted his brilliant carrier. At 23, he had win allready two brazilian individual titles, among several others.

Marizete Scheer breaks two national records – 6 and 24 games

(foto por Alberto Wolk)
In the 2003 Morumbi Cup, bowled in Sao Paulo from 4 to 7/Sept, the 29 year old Marizette Scheer, bowling instructor in Belo Horizonte, broke 2 brazilian records, smashing the old marks.

The little giant (as the bowling on line website called her) started her 6 game record with a 254, accelerated with 255, took a breath on the 3rd game with 203, and runned to 1469 closing with 258, 246 and 253, much better than the old record, 1370.

She also broke the 24 games record, with 5267, 219 average. She is in a wonderfull moment. In August, she broke the national record for 24 games with 5265, 219 also, in Belo Horizonte, in the Minas Gerais State Open, and now she scored 2 pins more in Sao Paulo.

One very special moment in Bowling – Unique in the world, probably.

This Cup is in doubles (men and women´s division) format. In the third game of the 3rd day, we had a very special moment. Ademir Medina and De Luquetti, husband and wife, were bowling side by side. Ademir in 17-18 and De in 15-16.
Both started their games with strikes, followed untill the 9th frame. Mr. Medina bowled his tenth frame first. 2 strikes and a solid 10 for a 299. At this moment, everybody in the center was in silence and watching the sesational final. Then De started her 10th frame, and also made 2 strikes. She almost couldn´t stand to bowl the last ball, and she left a 6 pin for a 299, in the same game, same tournament, side by side to her husband.
This is probably unique in the world.

De and Ademir Medina after the 598
(foto por Talita Kadri)
After those big emotions, everybody still excited, in the very next game, Mr. Celso Barata bowled a perfect game.

In the 4th and last day Mr. Medina started with strikes the 23rd game and went untill the last strike for a perfect game. Mr Celso Barata also scored 300 in the second day of competition.

Mr Celso Barata
(foto por Alberto Wolk)
Renato Castelloes also broke the 24 game brazilian record, with 5562, 231 average.
Scheer, Castelloes and Barata, left handers, had nothing to complain about lanes conditions.

After 24 games of doubles competition, Marizette Scheer and Janice Couto def Marina Paiva and Sarah Guterman, 367-362. Luiza Rocha and Marilza Yasuoka won the title def Marizette and Janice, 430-417.

Marilza and Luiza with Fernando Rezende´s parents
Márcio Vieira and Celso Feltrin def
Igor Pizzoli and Caio Pizzoli 400 – 369
Márcio Vieira and Celso Feltrin def
Caco Cruz and Renato Castellões 426 – 421
in the extra game, Vieira and Feltrin def
Cruz and Castellões 472 – 434

Marcio Veiera and Celso Felrin
(foto por Alberto Wolk)
High Games
De Luquetti 299
Celso Barata and
Ademir Medina 300

High Series
Marizette Scheer 1469
Renato Castelloes 1481

Top Ten 2002
Bira Teodoro, webmaster of Boliche Online, organizer of the Top Ten prize, gave the special shirts to the 10 best players os Brazil in 2002 during the Morumbi Cup. The shirts were offered by Lippy Confecções, with the logo “Top Ten 10 +” and name of the bowler, designed by Paulo Rosa.
Sixteen of the 20 winners (10 women and 10 men) were in Morumbi Cup. Walter Costa, No 1, receivied his shirt and his wife´s, Jacque Costa, also No 1 in 2002.
The other nine bowlers: Márcio Vieira/RJ, Fábio Rezende/SP, João Carneiro/SP, Caco Cruz/RJ, Chico Berto/SP, Oswaldo Cury/MG, Décio Abreu/MG e Chico Chaves/SP.
Women: Marina Suartz/SP, Lúcia Vieira/RJ, Dayse Silva/PA, Patrícia Witiuk/SP, Luiza Rocha/DF, Marizete Scheer/MG, Roseli Santos/SP, Marilza Yasuoka/SP e Janice Couto/SP.

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